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Fabi, Silvestre y Gazzè - L'amore non esiste - Live at Sol de Sants Studios.
Fabi, Silvestre y Gazzè - Alzo le mani - Live at Sol de Sants Studios.

We've always had a special affection for Italian music, in part because half of our team is from Italy, and in part because the musical influence of the neighboring country has been strong.

Last year we recorded a special Furious Session with the great Vinicio Capossela, and we now bring to you another equally beautiful video clip with Niccolò Fabi, Daniele Silvestri and Max Gazzè, three of the greatest musicians in the Italian scene of the last twenty years.

They say three is much better, so they decided to compose "Il padrone della festa", a dense but light album, with a well-defined social and political consciousness.

Thank to ItaliaES.org, Fabi Silvestri and Gazzè were been able to perform in Spain, finishing their European tour in Barcelona.

Here you have "Alzo le mani" and "L'amore non esiste", the songs they sang at The Furious Sessions.



Texto: Valentina Mercuri



Production_The Furious Sessions
Direction_RiD Produccions
Cameramen_Luiso Ces, Miquel Rodriguez,Javier Dominguez,Bernat Rueda and Tiziano Caffi
Sound_Alberto Perez_Sol de Sants
Editing_Javier Dominguez_RiD Produccions
Still photo_Bernat Rueda
Making of_Bernat Rueda

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