Furious Sessions

Modern media sources, the Internet in particular, abound with interesting musical offerings in which bands perform live. While we feel their appearance is indeed positive, sound, a crucial factor for musical ensembles, is not always given the importance it deserves.

With this objective in mind, "The Furious Sessions" was born. A joint project between the Sol de Sants Studios and the video production company RiD produccions, this initiative consists of live sessions in which video and sound are recorded without restrictions. The bands make use of the finest and most modern equipment, ensuring their music reaches you with impeccable image and sound quality. 

These sessions, albeit inside or outside the studio, are made possible thanks to the infrastructure and personnel of Sol de Sants Studios in Barcelona, with RiD produccions in charge of image, lending the videos an intimate atmosphere and immense visual quality. This combination conceives music videos which feature the finest studio sound, wherein you can catch a glimpse of the best Spanish and international pop/rock groups playing like they were in your front room.



Alberto Pérez manages the Sol de Sants Studios in Barcelona. He's mad about hertz, in all their manifestations.

Bernat Rueda,arrived with a camera under his arm and went from capturing a moment in time (photo) to capturing time in motion (video), without losing his verve for composition. He likes musicians who take him walking through uncharted places and jump to his rhythm. He is the R in RiD produccions.

Javier Dominguez is a day-dreaming enthusiast and music is his primary source of inspiration. From the moment he entered the audiovisual world, he has tried to convey these dreams through images. He is the D in RiD produccions.

Planeando Truchas, a collective formed by Alba and Silvia, masters of subtle decor, who revel in the ephemeral side of life and strive to make the impossible possible.


Luiso Ces, can repair your toilet, prepare octopus á feira and build a camera dolly from Ikea parts. Busy with the important things in life, he spends his free time as a freelancer in the audiovisual world. With his camera dolly refined for the Furious Sessions and kick-ass camera in tow, he slides across the BoatBeam, Second, Seward, Chupaconcha, Luz Verde, Maika Makovski, Anímic, Sidonie, Manos de Topo, Dolores, Filastine and Los Coronas sessions.

José G. Fernández, better known as Action Replay, put in an appearance between vermouths and huddled in the corner with his warm camera. The audiovisual arts are his world; lucky world. He lends style to the, Maika Makovski, Anímic and Sidonie, Manos de Topo ,Isaac Ulam,Dolores , Filastine and Los Coronas sessions.

Emili Mas, digital designer. Arteriaworks is his graphic label. He has also collaborated with the Carkitech studio on multiple 2D/3D projects and, for the past 4 years, has worked as a freelancer at Ninco. "Each project is unique, special and presents a new challenge." In the Furious Sessions, he uses his steadicam to add movement to the Sidonie, Manos de Topo, Isaac Ulam, and Los Coronas sessions.

Albert Aguiar, owner of On audiovisual, music enthusiast and guitar player from Ninette & the Goldfish. He has been loaning us cameras ever since the BoatBeam session. What's more, he graces the Furious Sessions with his presence whenever he gets the chance.

Tiziano Caffi, photography is his way of life. A blend of Italian temperament and Uruguayan good vibes, he support the Furious Sessions.

Joel Brooks, is an amateur potographer who now lurks the video format and drops by the Furious Sessions every time he can. He participated at de Isaac Ullam, Dolores and Filastine sessions.

Margarita Leonore Göbel, arrived without a plan but a dream in Barcelona about 2011. Her hope is to keep on going doing animation films and work for other film genres and make her grandma happy. She created de stop motion ending of Dolores session.

English Translations:  Andrew Rance and Smokey Chimney


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